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ART 2018

Last year was an amazing year of creativity. Here are just some of the artworks that I created either from the Art Studio at Skydance or plein air while traveling. Art work media varies from mixed media, watercolor, acrylic, lino printing, glass, pounded copper, drawings, gelli prints, and more. All of my art work is for sale, inquire if interested. Enjoy!

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🚲 Visegrád, Hungary

🚲 Visegrád, Hungary. Komárom to Visegrád leaving Hungary, back to Slovakia and the back into Hungry along the Danube River. Another “mixed” day on all sorts of roads for 85km.

Well, four of us bailed at 55km mark and caught a ride with Joseph our Eurobike guide as the spa was calling our names. Janet and Sheryl buzzed through the last 30 km and met us at the hotel.

And, the weather was cool, overcast, on the brink of rain but never did. Actually, perfect biking weather after this very hot week. We laughed a lot today. Team 6 has got it all together now!

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🚲 Komárom, Hungary

🚲 Komárom, Hungary: Today, we biked from Gyor to Komárom, Hungary about 56 km as we took a few wrong turns. We were told it was a “mixed” day of biking. Yikes we get it now…part gravel roads, part unkept farm roads, sand roads, partly crumbled roads and bike paths. With the temps up high and full sun…we arrived at our hotel/spa exhausted. The good news, pools and mineral soaks, good food and early to bed. Happy dance!

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Gyor, Hungary

Gyor: We biked today from Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungry to Gyor, Hungary 44 km. Stunning countryside and perfect temps. We all checked into our rooms at the hotel – an old Carmelite monastery on the Danube River. Chilled out walking about this historic town. Chris finished a watercolor…wow! What a beautiful evening! And tomorrow, another bike adventure…

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Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungry:

🚲 Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungry: Yep say that three times! We biked 41 km from Bratislava, Slovakia to Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungry. Day started with a cool morning of showers and then warmed up to 84 degrees. We stayed at a hotel/spa…good pick! Then, between all of us…Sandy/Lance soaked in the mineral pools, Sheryl had a private hot tub/sauna, Chris did some art work and then napped, Janet napped and has a bit of a cold. Me, a full body Thai massage. We ended the day with a great dinner accompanied by thunder, lighting and a amazing sunset.

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Coolest hotel key ever at Hotel Klasstrom, an old monastery.

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We began our adventure one week ago, and today we begin our bike ride from Vienna, Austria to Budapest, Hungary. First leg from Vienna to Bratislava, Slovakia is 70km…it’s going to be a long day!

The countryside is spectacular with the Danube, birds singing, flowers, 84 degrees, sweet spring fragrance and a cool breeze as the wheels spin us down paved bike paths, cobblestone streets and gravel country roads.

And it is both a Sunday and Earth Day…families and friends outdoors sun bathing, BBQ and festivals.

Lovely day overall!

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More Vienna…started the morning with pastry and coffee, then a boat lunch ride along the Danube viewing art tagged everywhere! Then onto the palace…that place is huge.

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🎨 Vienna Pass: Day filled with visiting 7 museums, 9 miles of walking. Amazing artworks…overload!

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☀️☀️☀️ Did I mention it was 80 degrees here in Vienna today…hot, hot, jeez, I need some different clothes if this keeps up!

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