INTER-LAKEN, Twin Lakes, Colorado

INTER-LAKEN VILLAGE, Twins Lakes, Colorado: Lucy and I hiked about 5 miles where the CDT and Colorado Trail converge to one trail. This historic village site is located on the body of land between The two twin lakes. It was a thriving resort in the 1800's and now is just a slice of the past to see. Quite the beautiful setting at 9,400 feet with 14,000 foot snow covered peaks above the lakes. Rain, thunder and lightening made this a fast paced walk…and Lucy still managed to jump in the lake and swim, swim, and swim!







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One thought on “INTER-LAKEN, Twin Lakes, Colorado

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for finding Monkey’s missing stuffed monkey Maple and leaving it for us at the Leadville hostel. You made a ten year old girl extremely happy! Monkey has carried Maple for over 3,500 miles and was devastated when he was lost. We are so grateful and hope we have a chance to meet you up the trail!

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