MESA VERDE NATIONAL PARK TIME: This is one amazing national park and world heritage site. So happy we made it here. We saw two very large bears today and I always love that so much! We visited the museums, “The Palace” cliff dwelling that housed approximately 150 people. And we also visited “The Balcony” cliff dwelling 100 feet below and underneath the Mesa top. To get there, we hiked down many stairs, squeezing between huge boulders, up a 32 foot ladder, crawled through tunnels and then the walked about the cliff dwelling with sheer drop offs. Then, on the return to the Mesa top, another tunnel, a 32 foot ladder, and a hand rail made of a chain bolted into the cliff with foot holds. This was an adventure! In this area of the Mesa Cuesta – they estimate with all the cliff dwellings that perhaps as many as 3,000 people lived in this large community. Put this national park on your list!








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  1. Michele

    Linder that is awesome jaw dropping place.. if only my body would take me there ! thanks for sharing great photos !

  2. Mare

    Thank you so much for suggesting this side trip…I will never forget it…amazing

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