Tuesday, April 22, 2014
My trail name is Groceries. It was given to me because I always have a spread of food in my day pack, back pack, car or motorhome. I like good food and wine. That’s all I will admit too /;~}

Found Smudge via her GPS along with five thirty something year old guys. I got all high fives when I showed up in the Marshmellow…it might have been the ice cold Sierra Nevada beer I provided. I BBQed steaks, sipped some wine and had a fantastic first Trail Angel experience on the CDT. I will slack pack them all today. And the definition of “slack pack” means they know they will see me this eve, and they only take essentials in their backpacks, dump the rest in the Marshmellow for the day. They get all their gear back at the end of the day. So I bid them good bye for the day and head back to town to refill water, fuel and more beer. I drive and they walk 20 miles…fair right?






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