Day1: How did 14 trail miles morph to 17.5 miles? Due to heavy rains the day before – we left Lordsburg a wee bit late. There were 8 of us on the shuttle to Crazy Cook – normally a 3 hour jaunt to the southern terminus. Long story short – we never made it by vehicle to the starting point. The desert mud after a heavy rain is pretty dicey and the drivers, not wanting to get stuck, left us on the road with about a 4 mile walk south to the monument. We joked about being SoBo NoBos. All eight arrived and after taking the obligatory photos – I decided that I would like to get moving – as it was already after 2pm and I still had a 14 mile walk to the first water cashe.
So, on I went leaving the rest of the folks behind eating and hanging out. Day one gave me my first big taste of desert walking. Very beautiful with the desert in bloom and also very hot and dry. I was glad I bought the Golite very cool reflective umbrella and pulled it out when the sun was got intense.
The 14 miles took longer than I thought and at 8pm I was still about a mile short of my destination. I finally got to the cash about 8:30pm – still without seeing the others. It’s now 9:30 and no one has shown up. I’m wondering if they decided to make camp without water and will try to get an early start tomorrow. I hope they don’t press on – in the dark I almost didn’t find the turnoff for the water. But now safe in my little tent – the stars are amazing!!!


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