Day 5 From 5 miles west of Hwy 113 to Lordsburg
Daily miles: 20
Total Miles: 89.5
Cool things I saw today: A big brown coyote, lizards with curly blue tails and a few desert wildflowers

Up and out early with a destination of Lordsburg, NM. After 4 days of intense heat, wind and no shade that one encounters in southern New Mexico, I felt like a horse going back to the barn. So – I put on my new audio book, donned my earbuds, and headed off – Sacajawea (my GPS) leading the way. Today was just a trudge….flat and sparce for 20 miles. Finally after walking for 9 hours, I pulled my hot, dry and stinky self to the small town of Lordsburg – which I have to say looked much more inviting and exciting than it did when I left there 5 days earlier! Groceries was waiting with air conditioning on in the Marshmallow, cold drinks in the fridge and an awesome stew she had been working on all afternoon. Am I spoiled or what? Tomorrow will be a zero day at the KOA in Lordsburg….regroup, and recharge…and enjoy the company of Groceries and Lucy!

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