Day 4 Hwy 9 to 5 miles west of Hwy 113
Daily miles: 18
Total miles: 69.5
Cool things I saw today: A field of Crystal Geodes

Today I’m on my own – actually for 2 days – means I have to carry my own stuff….Oh well, I better get used to it! Temperatures were a few degrees down, but wind was way up and by the end of the day I was battling 30 to 40 MPH headwinds. Not a good time to use the umbrella – I tried once and decided that if I continued my trail name would change from Smudge to Mary Poppins!

After a 2 hour rest at the Hwy 113 water cache with Altoid,and the rest of the boys, I headed out, watered up with a full 2 gallons of water towards wherever I could find a spot 5 to 6 miles up the trail. After being beat up for another 3 hours with crazy headwinds, I finally found a clump of Joshua Trees that created an almost tropical looking wind block. So – down for the day around 7pm, snug as a bug in my tent and another glorious night under the stars!

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