Day 3 Hwy 81 Water Cache to Hwy 9
Daily Miles: 20
Total Miles: 51.5
Cool things I saw today: A rattlesnake – yikes, a goffer snake – cute, a horny toad and 6 USA Border Patrol on ATV’s with night vision glasses and machine guns.

Words for the day were DRY and HOT. I loaded up with over a gallon of water right off the start knowing that I had 20 miles with no potable water, although I did pass a “tank” with a pond and a dead cow nearby, not too enticing, I decided to pass on it….completely pass on it

I got up and out by 7am, earlier than yesterday – an early start with these high temps is the ticket for sure. The boys were about an hour behind me. The plan was for Groceries to meet us at Hwy 9 at the end of the day and so we all slack packed. That means we were able to put all of our heavy gear in the Marshmallow and just carry our food and water for the day – sweet! All 5 young men are finding themselves happy to hang out with Smudge and Groceries, which they say are more fun than their grandparents. It may have something to do with Groceries bringing cold beer at the end of the day!

So – one of the highlights of my day was the 5 ft. long rattlesnake – I’m glad that I brought a change of underwear! We crossed paths on a somewhat rocky slope and s/he gave me a proper warning that I should keep my distance, which was about 5 feet away – a little close for a snake that is 5 ft. long…S/he gave me a shake of her/his tail and a little bit of a darting tongue, which looked really fierce. I heeded the warning, backed off but took out the camera for proof.

The rest of the day was hot, uneventful and ended at Hwy 9, with Groceries, Lucy and the Marshmallow already waiting with cold beverages and shower.

The excitement of the evening happened about 9pm when a huge rumbled screamed past the Marshmellow, parked and 6 USA border patrol got out from a big truck, with a trailer and six ATV’s. They unloaded the ATV’s, put on helmets, night vision goggles, loaded up ammo and some sort of machine guns. They looked intent on getting those drug cartel thugs tonight. Groceries, snoopy as she is, got out and asked them if they were gonna get the bad guys…”Yes Ma’am, we’re gonna get em’. Off they went, and soon after helicopters flew above. This is way more interesting then any TV show!

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