Day 2 From Water Cache #1 to Hwy 81 Water Cache on Hwy 81
Daily Miles: 14
Total Miles: 31.5
Cool things I saw today: A Roadrunner and 5 Border Patrol Vehicles out in the middle of nowhere.

Stars last night were off the chart beautiful! Got up early ready to load up with water and hit the trail before the sun got up too high in the sky. Today was one of the more challenging days of my hiking career. The CDT in Southern New Mexico does not follow a “trail” but is more of a cross country trek going from sign post to sign post. The route today followed the base of Hatchet Mountain and was a up and down effort going from steep arroyo to steep arroyo. After going about 1mile and hour and then for 3 hours I reevaluated…Hmmmm…..I’m not having fun…so how can I change it? Pulled out the map and found an alternate route that went down Thompson Canyon to a dirt road that parallels the CDT. Much better! I made it to Hwy 81 around 2:30 in the afternoon, watered up and found some shade for a rest. Linda texted around 4pm offering to meet me with all of the comforts of the Marshmallow! Yeah – what’s not to like about that? So – within a couple of hours, Linda and I were sitting on lawn chairs on the side of the road, the boys were enjoying a cold beer compliments of “Groceries” bar-b-que was on and I had already had a shower. This is certainly the way to CDT!

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