Continental Divide Trail Launch Day

Smudge aka Janet earned her trail name while walking the entire Pacific Crest Trail in 2010. She has the walking bug. We both walked the Camino de Santiago last May 2013. My trail name is Groceries, and that is another story.

We drove to Lordsburg, New Mexico via visiting friends and parks for hiking opportunities. Arrived in Lordsburg April 19th to prep for the next morning launch.

We are in a motorhome we have named Ms. Marshmellow; white on the outside and sweet on the inside. Lucy, our golden retriever is my sidekick and a whole lot of company too!

Smudge will walk, and I will resupply as well as meet her along where roads cross the 3,000 mile, five states, and five month adventure. Friends will meet both me for adventures and walking with Smudge. Wow.

I also have my own adventures in the making; watercolor painting, jewelry making, museums, national parks, gallery looking, biking, exploring with Lucy, meeting up with friends and more!

Saturday, April 19 anxious for the launch. We had a fantastic evening. Smudge went through her gear and I reviewed my art supplies. We are both in good shape but anxious. We acknowledge it and move on. I just learned how to drive and manage our Marshmellow. Smudge has not hiked in the heat-wind-sand of the Chihuahua Desert. Extreme heat, rattlesnakes, scorpions, thorny plants and stickers all around.

Ok, tomorrow comes early meeting the Continental Divide Trail Association Executive Director, others walking the CDT, the shuttle to the New Mexico and Mexico border and then actually walking.

More soon!20140425-181315.jpg



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